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Born in the heart of Europe's leather capital in Normandy, where the art of tannery thrived, I was raised by parents who instilled in me a deeply sensitive perspective of the world through their passion for the arts and love for exploration. Their lineage, rooted in resistance during wartime, included a painter, a dressmaker, a bootmaker, and fashion enthusiasts captivated by runway shows, sketching dresses in an era where photography was restricted.

Kendrick Paris

Seeking new horizons, I journeyed from France to Mexico, where the remnants of pre-Hispanic civilization awaited, inviting me to immerse myself in ancient temples and vibrant art. It was a profound experience, unveiling a world of vivid colors and embracing a culture where dualities are openly embraced.

Mexico's surreal landscape, a magnet for visionary artists on a spiritual quest entwined with myth and symbolism, captivated my soul, drawing me into its enigmatic allure. This transformative journey ignited my passion for photography, becoming my chosen form of artistic expression, prompting me to redefine my path in life.

Before departing Paris for Mexico, a poignant moment lingered in my memory—a silhouette of a woman adorned in heels against the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower. Sensory impressions have always guided me, capturing fleeting emotions through my lens with an intuitive fervor.

Kendrick Paris

"Kendrick fashion shows photography for the Benude Magazine he created."

Upon returning to France, I embarked on a career as a professional photographer, immersing myself in the vibrant pulse of Parisian life and the pulsating rhythm of the fashion world. Once again, the evocative power of photography stirred within me, capturing the essence of women whose strength radiated through each frame.

Driven by a spirit of innovation and engineering prowess, I embarked on a new endeavor, crafting prototypes of sandals, pumps, boots, and heels designed to sculpt the perfect silhouette. Swiftly embraced by television hosts and celebrities alike, my creations found their place in the limelight, tracing their journey through the media landscape.

Kendrick Paris